Fill out the form below to submit a work order if you are a current resident at one of our communities. If it is an emergency, please alert the property authorities and then call or text the emergency maintenance phone immediately – (509)218-3005.

What constitutes an emergency?

An emergency is:

  • Something that needs to be fixed immediately or serious injury or damage will occur.
  • Fire (Please Alert 911 First)
  • Flooding (Please turn off water as soon as possible, then call us)
  • Smelling gas inside unit (Please contact gas company first)
  • Sewage back-up (Stop all water use as soon as possible, then call us)
  • No heat, and outside temperature is ≤ 55°
  • No A/C, and outside temperature is ≥ 90°

An emergency is not:
Something that a resident would like to be fixed as soon as possible but will not result injury or damage.