There are several ways you can help us with our mission of creating, managing, and preserving affordable housing across the state of Washington.


Help us provide supportive services for our residents.


Help us with special projects to improve the quality of our communities.

More than building and managing affordable housing

Throughout the year, we put on special volunteer projects that help us maintain our communities and provide assistance for our residents.

These projects include helping beautify our properties, assisting residents with financial planning and resume writing, and helping us pack and distribute produce. If you are interested in volunteering, keep an eye out for opportunities on our news page or contact us for more information.

Here at SHV, we are always looking for new energy on our Board of Directors. There are a total of 11 seats, with a third of these seats being reserved for residents of low-income neighborhoods, affordable housing community residents, and/or elected representatives of low-income neighborhood organizations. This is done to ensure that the interests and perspective of those communities are represented in our decisions.

In order to best serve our organization, we seek board members with diverse expertise including, but not limited to; current or past residency in a low income community, finance, community outreach/organizing, landlord/tenant law, marketing, public health, banking, real estate, and public relations.